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Why timber windows?

As a specialist installer of timber windows we are often asked "What type of wood should I choose?"

Here is a quick guide to help you decide what type of wood, would work best for your new windows.

Timber can generally be split into two types - Hardwood or Softwood. The term hardwood and softwood can be a little misleading as some hardwoods are soft and some softwoods hard. The important thing to remember is that both types of wood have different properties, suited to different needs in a home. The difference between hardwoods and softwoods lies in their cellular structure. Hardwoods contain four different types of cell which gives them incredible strength, durability and beautiful grains. They can be quite expensive, however. Softwoods only contain two different types of cell but are much easier to work, are more sustainable and have better thermal retention properties. They can also be much more cost-effective. These are the different types of woods available from our manufacturer.

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timber windows
timber windows
timber windows
timber windows

Sapele - Hardwood

Our most popular option, sapele is a very strong, stable and durable tropical hardwood that is very well suited to joinery manufacture. The timber is sourced from West Africa and Cameroon and is classified as moderately durable with a Class 3 to 4 durability rating. It is very attractive, thanks to its dark reddish brown appearance, and is well suited to a transparent coating.


  • No requirement for preservation treatment as the species' lack of permeability makes it resistant to treatment
  • The density/hardness is 640 kg/m2 (By contrast European Redwood is 510 kg/m2 and European Oak is 720 kg/m2.)
  • Over 50% of our Sapele purchases from our manufacturer are Verified Progress

Suited to: Heritage properties, properties in conservation areas

Oak - Hardwood

The traditional material of choice for timber windows, oak has been used hundreds of years in window construction. A hardwood with incredible durability and strength, oak is suited to the heaviest of uses and can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Oak timber windows also have

incredible aesthetics, thanks to the subtle aesthetics of each tree’s grain. The perfect, traditional choice.


  • Beautiful wood grain effects for a heritage aesthetic
  • Incredibly strong and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Authentic, traditional choice for windows

Suited to: Heritage properties, properties in conservation areas, traditional aesthetic homes

Redwood - Softwood

Redwood timber has a reduced moisture uptake which helps to improve weatherproofing and prolong the window’s working lifespan. This makes it suitable for use in a range of settings. Redwood timber windows are perfect if you want to add a touch of traditional charm to a property, without compromising on modern aesthetics.


  • Excellent dimension stability and durability
  • Reduced moisture uptake prolonging lifespan
  • Subtle, modern aesthetic

Suited to: Modern-look properties, new builds

Accoya - Softwood

Accoya wood is a specially treated softwood that has incredible properties. The non-toxic acetylation treatment process through which Accoya is treated, changes the cellular structure of the timber, enhancing its performance. Accoya wood not only has an estimated lifespan of 60 years, it also has exceptional thermal performance, aesthetics and weatherproofing properties. It can even repel insects.

Sourced sustainably, an Accoya wood window is suited to both traditional and modern properties.

What our customers say

"Jay and his crew of installers did an amazing job in replacing two of our old and impractical windows. Their turnaround was very quick and they managed to not drop a single piece of debris onto our neighbour's patio below when fitting. Would happily use again and thoroughly recommend."


"Kew Windows gave me a quick turnaround on the quote for my new window. I live in an 1870's cottage in Twickenham and I needed the new window to mirror the older windows in the house. The window arrived really quickly and Jay and Jean Claude couldn't do enough to help. I would absolutely recommend them. Great guys and a great job. Thank you!"


"Jay installed some secondary glazing in my massage therapy clinic - with a school right outside, we needed something to reduce the noise and allow our clients to relax properly. Jay gave me a reasonable and a very fast turnaround, more impressive considering it was over the Christmas break! Kew Windows were a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them."


"Having recently moved to the area into a house that urgently required new front windows and front door, Kew Windows was recommended to us and I was extremely happy with the service from start to finish. Jay and his team were thorough and helpful in their advice and recommendations, and Jay himself was hands-on throughout the process of consultation, delivery, and installation. The new windows and door were installed professionally and well ahead of schedule, and they have transformed the look of the house. Will be using Kew Windows again once the extension is complete, and would thoroughly recommend them to"


"Highly recommended. Excellent friendly service from Jay."


"Kew Windows are friendly and professional. The workmanship and communication are second to none. Jay and his team liaised with my every step of the way and the result has been fantastic. Can't recommend them highly enough."


"Kew Windows did my doors and windows in North London and they were great, efficient and value for money. I have already recommended them to many of my North London Friends and Colleagues."


"Absolute Ace. They were the best Windows company I have come across in my life. Fully recommend them."


"Great local friendly and trustworthy company. Great prices and first class installation. Well done guys!"

Paul Martin

"Fast and friendly secondary glazing service from Jay at a reasonable price, went the extra mile :)"


"Excellent customer care and service - exceeded my expectations! Jay is very professional, trustworthy and helpful. I needed a replacement for a sealed unit fast because somebody smashed the window. After my call, a few hours later Jay visited the property to assess the damage. He secured the smashed window and took measurements to be able to provide me with a quote. The ordered unit arrived fast and was installed instantly. Jay did an awesome job! I can highly recommend his company. Jay, thank you very much for your great work and support. Elizabeth, a very happy customer!"


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